Up To Date Caffee And Eatery Ubud Bali Tour

lovely caffee by the rice fields

Up To Date Caffee And Eatery Ubud Bali Tour

Baliexplore - Hello everyone, today's trip to Ubud Bali to enjoy a cup of tea by the rice fields, Very good trip to the city of Ubud Bali with visible beauty.

Best sunset


This location is more precise to Bali's Giayar district which is about 30 Km from Bali's international airport, if you are staying around the airport or in Kuta this distance can be traveled for 1 hour by motorbike, the name of this restaurant is Up To Date Caffe and Eatery which is on Jalan Goa Gajah Gianyar.

The menu in this restaurant is perfect for tourists who come, besides that you will also see live music to add to a more relaxed atmosphere, food prices are not too expensive and are almost similar to the current caffee, the waiters are very friendly and very respectful of visitors who come .

This article was created to increase your knowledge. If you are currently in Ubud Bali, then you can come just to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the edge of the green rice fields. Give your opinion about this article because your opinions and suggestions are very helpful for us to write articles, invite your friends. to come here.