The most beautiful sunset in seminyak, Bali

A sunset phenomenon that looks red

The most beautiful sunset in seminyak, Bali

Baliexplore - One of the best places to enjoy sunset in Bali is at La Plancha, a very lively and famous Beach Club in Bali, perfect for enjoying the beauty of the beach and sunset in the afternoon.

This location is in Seminyak closer to Double Six, this place is very crowded with visitors because it is indeed very suitable for nostalgia with your partner.

This is not a private beach so anyone can visit just by paying for a vehicle parking but if you visit without a vehicle then this place is free for all tourists, if you just want to play on the beach and enjoy the sunset then you don't need to spend money and you can take as many pictures as you like and make creations with the sunset that you get.

This place is also suitable for those of you who like surfing because the good and stable waves make tourists happy to surf. But many also come just to enjoy a cup of coffee or drink beer.