Sunset Beach love Tabanan Bali

Bali explore in beach love tabanan very popular tourist

Sunset Beach love Tabanan Bali

Baliexplore - Beach Love, which is located in Tabanan, is the most popular tourist spot for young people who want to enjoy the beauty of the sunset from the top of a cliff.

If you are in Bali you have to try a tour here because this will make your mind more relaxed, this view is also equipped with culinary tours at quite cheap prices.

This location is in Tabanan Bali, located at the far end of Tabanan Regency which is surrounded by the beauty of rice fields that are green.

This scene is equipped with DJ music that makes you feel like you are partying on the beach with high waves and surrounded by rice plantations belonging to the local community.

If you want to visit this place, we recommend using a motorbike because if you use a car, you will be very far from getting a parking space for your vehicle.

Of course, this location is suitable for you and your partner to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.