New update Jerman Beach Bali

the latest display of German beaches in Bali which has a lot of uniqueness

New update Jerman Beach Bali

German Beach is located in the Kuta Bali area which has a lot of uniqueness from other beaches in Bali, one of the uniqueness of this beach is a suitable place to watch the sunset.

The German beach which is around the Bali international flight airport also has other beauties such as properties that can be used to take pictures such as straw shaped love and there is also a swing facing the sunset.

Other beauties, as in general, German beaches are clean enough for swimming, so many tourists really like to sunbathe and swim on German beaches. Apart from that, German beaches also have statues on the beach which are made to attract visitors to come here.

this place is not suitable for surfing because the waves are split because of the rocks in the sea so the waves are not suitable for surfing, but if you come to this beach you will also find lots of places to play even for children.