Labuan Said Padang padang Beach Bali

Wallcome to Labuan said Padang Padang Beach Bali Explore

Labuan Said Padang padang Beach Bali

Baliexplore - Padang Padang Beach is a beach tourism area located in the Uluwatu, Labuan Said Bali area,this location is not too far from the Bali international airport, about 15 Km to get to this beach, but if you live in the Uluwatu area then this place is only a few km away.

A beautiful beach surrounded by high cliffs and shady trees, of course there are also lots of monkeys who are having fun playing around the beach.

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But if you want to visit here you have to pay an entrance ticket of around $ 1 per person and that's apart from the cost of parking your vehicle.

Recommendations if you want to go to padang padang beach you have to use a motorbike because the location is very far and of course there is little traffic jam on the road.

This location is perfect if you want to swim in the sea because the water is so clear that we can't wait to try swimming at Padang Padang Beach