Drink of coffe in kintamani Bali

Best view restourant kintamani

Drink of coffe in kintamani Bali

BaliexploreKintamani is on a mountain on the island of Bali, the location is between 70 km from Bali International Airport.

Kintamani has many beautiful places to visit, the weather is quite cold for the Indonesian region but this is not an important point for tourists because apart from having many beautiful places nice Kintamani also has a restaurant that is perfect for your needs.

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The most famous food in Kintamani is real Mujaer which is very attached to Kintamani, the taste of the food is very special to eat with a partner or family and the price is also very cheap for tourists, this is very pleasant for those of you who want to travel to Kintamani.

Kintamani also has inns or hotels that are very cheap and very good service. For those of you who are coming to Kintamani for the first time, make sure you have rented an inn because it might be a little difficult if you order lodging directly on the spot.