Bikesiders moto club Break the fast or iftar together with orphans

The Bali Bikesiders motorbike community has held an iftar with orphans and carried out sharing activities

Bikesiders moto club Break the fast or iftar together with orphans

Baliexplore - Bali motorbike community, Bikesiders Not only a community that likes to ride motorbikes, but they have also made social service events for humanitarian purposes. We have enough data to make this article so you can read it properly. 13 April 2023

Some time ago they also carried out other actions such as sharing food with people in need, other actions were also carried out when they gathered and motorized, this was very good for everyone to do.

This Ramadan they have also held an iftar event together and shared it with orphans to provide donations and gifts, this event was carried out 3 times during Ramadan at the Barokahtul Hidayat assembly with the surrounding community.

Even representatives from the motorcycle club thanked the owner of the place who had helped collect children who were in need of help, this was also said by the owner of the Assembly for caring about orphans, but of course we all hope that this event will continue so we can get to know each other kind to everyone.

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The good things they do can be an example for all motorcycle clubs everywhere, because this is very good for everyone to do, I am also very happy to write this article because this can spread kindness to everyone. If you want to know more about them you can follow their Instagram social media Crusiders, they will share every activity that has been carried out.

Writer : Gondrong