Bali mangrove forest park

Mangrove forest located in Kuta, Bali

Bali mangrove forest park

Bali has many tourist sites that are well maintained for tourists from abroad, this is to increase the tourist area of ​​Bali to be more global.

At the G20 event which was attended by leaders of major countries gathered to plant mangrove trees led by Indonesian President Joko Widodo who was indeed the leader of the Bali G20 event.

One of the places that has become a destination for world leaders is mangrove forests so that they are maintained, Indonesian president Joko Widodo received extraordinary praise from world leaders, because the G20 event was a success and had a very good impact on economic growth during this pandemic.

This location is in Kuta Bali which is not far from Kuta beach and Bali's international flight airport, if you want to visit then you don't need to pay to buy a ticket because this is made so that tourists who come to Bali can enjoy it.